Blocking the Source

I've been telling Bitcoin users for many years that Bitcoin is a part of a massive conspiracy. I don't like to do that. But it's the truth.

I continue to hope that Bitcoin's role in this conspiracy is a benevolent one, or that it will evolve into benevolence. I continue to believe that Bitcoin is for everyone. I will not tolerate a Bitcoin that enables governments or banks further.

I have two streams in my backyard. Or, at least I did. One of them has been diverted (deliberately) into a ditch that someone dug on an abandoned field next door. The other was subjected to my idiot neighbor's decision to dig a pond on land that was not his. Then someone filled the pond with trash. This is the same idiot neighbor who has been trying to block off an access road, for years. He thinks he's providing some kind of security service.

As above, so below.

It's important to recognize the direction in which Bitcoin is currently being pushed by a certain group. If the main chain not only fails to grow, but is actually reduced in transaction capacity (as suggested by some), then it begins to fit into this entire conspiracy of systematic hiding and stealing of property. If you do the math, a 1MB blocksize is approximately one transaction every 70 years, for a human population of 7 billion people. That's not a currency. That's a tool of corrupt government that wants to maintain the illusion of private property, while in actuality hiding that property from its actual owners and "managing" it for them. In such a system, the main chain would represent a single, one-time lifetime "account" of private property for each individual. And if you extrapolate it out, you can begin to see why banks are researching idiotic notions like "editable blockchains". The blockchain becomes just a fancy (and worthless) accounting ledger which the most powerful collection of interests (ie. government) can alter at will.

That's not what Satoshi created, and it's not what I envisioned.

In case it's not obvious, a "currency" must circulate, as the current of a stream. Blocking the stream is equivalent to blocking the currency.

In computer software (such as Bitcoin), "the source" is the source code from which programs are compiled into binary machine-language. In agriculture, and in LOST, "the source" is a source of water that supplies a stream. In journalism, "the source" is a source of information, a whistleblower, or a spy. In psychedelic and meditative culture, "the source" is the mysterious connectedness of the universe that provides enlightenment.

Last Updated on 01/10/17