Better Than Cash

Bitcoin represents hard money. It represents money that is not centrally managed. It represents voluntarism. And it represents, to the vast majority of its users, freedom. But Bitcoin by itself is not guaranteed to deliver any of those things. So, it also requires work. It also requires a real economy.

Those are my philosophical principles. My philosophical principle is non-aggression. My philosophical principles are not money-printing and commercial fraud and political theatre and outright theft. And I have good reason to believe that my philosophical principles are the primary reason that Bitcoin exists.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares my philosophical principles.

It seems pretty clear that the "Better Than Cash Alliance" was created in order to promote Bitcoin as a kind of transaction tracking system. It would, supposedly, be "better" than cash by being less private. And it seems clear that Bill Gates is the driving force behind the BTC Alliance.

If you are sitting there, using Bitcoin as "virtual cash," while the property (your property) that is required to build a real Bitcoin economy is quietly being stolen from you, then Bitcoin will fail. And you won't ever have hard money; and you won't ever have freedom. If we allow Bitcoin to be co-opted by the same philosophical principles that have already created this mess in the most basic of human activities -- agriculture -- then it won't even matter whether Bitcoin succeeds.

In fact, I believe that many people in Bitcoin have been in it for the wrong reasons. And many of them have already declared Bitcoin a failure, and left. The people who have done so, and the timing of their exodus, makes me think that they believed Bitcoin to be some kind of token representing a claim against my ranch.

Many of those people calling Bitcoin "virtual" currency or "free-market" currency didn't actually believe it to be virtual or free-market or really even currency, at all. They were secretly scheming plutocrats working for the same scheming plutocrats who have spent the past thirty years trying to steal my ranch. Bitcoin was simply the vehicle. And so they presented people like "Benjamin Lawsky" to convince you to get a "Bitcoin license" for that vehicle.

Well, I long ago saw through the fraud of getting licenses to exercise basic rights like travel. And using alternative currencies like Bitcoin is indeed a basic right, along with privacy.

Last Updated on 11/08/16