Time-Travelling Bunnies

I've been thinking about "Donnie Darko" for a while, now. So many interesting themes in that movie. The concept of the demon in the mirror is especially interesting. It's obviously more than a metaphor. It really exists (in the film, at least). The mirror distorts reality, allows clairvoiance, perhaps even time-travel. Since I'm more technically-minded, I thought for a long time that this analogy must have some metaphysical meaning -- some physical analogue.

But, it turns out, that isn't it, at all. I happened upon the answer by writing down a simple question, and then thinking about it: "what if there were someone/thing in the same room as you, but you couldn't see it until you first saw it in a mirror?" Lots of ways to answer that, aren't there? It's not about physics, though.

It's psychology. It's about brain-washing. The mirror does have a real physical significance, but it's more than that. It's an "exit," as the Matrix put it -- a recursion. Looking into the mirror allows you to see the reality that has been hidden, by hypnosis for instance. Because, on one level of interpretation, it's just a mirror. But, by another (higher) view, it's a reflection -- a window into another world. The mirror must be interpreted in two different ways simultaneously. And that interpretation creates an 'escape' from any hard-coded rules that aren't sophisticated enough to account for things like mirrors.

So, this is how it works. You are brain-washed to ignore certain elements of reality. But you can't be brainwashed to just ignore mirrors. And the part of your brain that can be brainwashed isn't the same part that interprets what you see in a mirror. So there's a loophole.

The mirror is a tool which allows you to see reality. Remember that as you travel through the looking glass, or down the rabbit hole, whichever you prefer. This is not about simple metaphors. This is about an already-existing, medically-assisted tyranny.

And check out the US Air Force logo. What does it look like?


This topic is here for several reasons. One, it's a LOST reference. The lead character's name is Donald. When I testified in court in 2007, I described what my brother looked like before he attacked me. In a very generic way, I described Frank the Rabbit. I didn't actually realize that until years later. When Darren Wilson, the officer from Ferguson, described Michael Brown, he said he looked like a "demon". This is not an isolated meme.

Thomas Jefferson filled his house with the largest (imported) mirrors that he could find, even though mirrors over five feet high were specifically taxed by the early US government.

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