PT Barnum and the Tulsa Circus

It's easy to get the impression, after reading all of the info on this site pertaining to Tulsa, that this is a local conspiracy. And, to be sure, it is mostly local. I have lived in Tulsa for most of my life, after all. Most of my family lives here. But this is not just a local problem. It is a national conspiracy, with even some global elements. It does not affect the entire world. But it does follow me, wherever I go in the United States, at least. And, philosophically, the conspiracy of ideas on which it is based is fundamentally rooted in the American form of capitalism. As that economic system has evolved over the past thirty years, the conspiracy against me and my family has evolved right along with it.

GT Bynum is the nephew of Bill LaFortune, who was, in my opinion, probably the single worst Tulsa Mayor in recent times. The LaFortune family is something of a political dynasty in Tulsa. So he could have been elected entirely on name-recognition alone. And, to be fair, perhaps he just got a bad shake. But it's clear that he didn't make the best of it. LaFortune Park is a large, county-run property in the middle of South Tulsa, a relatively well-off area, containing a golf course, running trails, creeks, ponds, tennis courts, swimming pools, baseball stadiums and the military-themed high school I attended. I suspect that the story of this parks creation is of some interest to this conspiracy, though I don't know exactly what it is.

Many years ago, in college, when I was living in a poor, mostly-Catholic neighborhood near the University of Tulsa, I got to witness the Circus come through. I can't say that the change was immediately obvious. It wasn't a good neighborhood to begin with. The increased police presence was noticeable. And the presence of the Circus was helpfully pointed out to me, by one of them. During a traffic stop, an officer told me that the police "chase these same people all over town." I assumed he meant, by that, the littany of pimps, prostitutes, homeless, Mexican house-thieves, threatening door-to-door salesmen and armed-robbers that I had been noticing. They walked up and down the streets, at all hours of the day and night.

Since then, I have learned that the Tulsa Sheriff's office even has a name for this clusterfuck -- "Saturation Squads". I don't know what the police call it, but the 'Tulsa Circus' seems apropos. It just got worse and worse. Neighbors started moving away. Abandoned houses were occupied, and burned. Neighborhood meetings were called. 'Helpful' city planners offered to clean things up by using emminent domain to seize private houses, and hand the property over to multi-unit and commercial developers. A new elementary school with a large park was built. I simply pointed out that the overpopulation caused by existing, low-rent apartments was a likely factor in causing the crime to begin with, and that tearing down more single-family homes to build parks would probably not help the situation.

Then I moved out, and didn't look back.

Several years ago, the Tulsa Circus arrived in my new neighborhood. It seems to have been expanded. It now featured crack-heads, midgets, obnoxious pot-smoking teenagers, flamboyant drug dealers, sexualized children humping stop-signs, periodic gunfire, aerial surveillance, mysteriously-disappearing neighbors, stray police dogs, an influx of homeless, exploding houses, child-abusers, mail tampering, crisis-actors and Christian missionaries in loudspeaker-adorned box-vans. And it seemed clear that most of it, again, was sponsored by Tulsa area law enforcement.

Now, they have made the Tulsa Circus official, and elected PT Barnum as their ringleader. He has said that the goal of his administration is to "make Tulsa nationally-respected". Good luck with that.

Last Updated on 12/23/16