Captains Cook and Henderson

Henderson island contains exactly four natural resources: grass, bird shit, land substantially above sea-level, and small shrubs.

It is an environmentally-protected site, ostensibly because of the grassland. But of course that's not the real reason.

Periodically, Pitcairn islanders make the long trip over open ocean in relatively small boats in order to gather wood from Henderson. There is plenty of wood on Pitcairn -- much more, in fact, than on Henderson. But they make the dangerous journey regardless, gather wood, and then form it in their workshops into small curios that they then sell to tourists passing-by on cruise ships. This trade formed, at least until recently, the majority of their income.

Of course tourists are willing to pay for idiotic curios. But why would anyone pay for wood from Henderson? Why would Pitcairners use this wood in particular?

Probably this wood is steeped in bird-shit. And probably this wood is also inoculated with a fungus of some sort. Magic fungus. Magic fungus that is militarily protected.

And that is probably the ultimate reason that Captains Cook and Henderson decided to target me immediately prior to my trip to Pitcairn. And that is probably one of the reasons that someone decided to memorialize this trip in the Secret of Bitcoin Island propaganda video circulated shortly thereafter. Because the line between 'government' and 'drug-gang' is fuzzy, at best.

Here is an account of this incident that I have posted elsewhere:

It seemed to be an obvious and deliberate psy-op designed to prevent me from leaving the country. Once I booked the trip that led to this, I entirely expected obstacles to arise. But I didn't expect the ridiculousness with which I was confronted. I was targeted by sheriffs from a neighboring county, without a court of record. On the way to jail, one of the deputies mentioned that he was from Chicago, to the surprise of his partner, who believed that he had grown up in rural Oklahoma. My car was taken. The front headlight was smashed (somehow). The sheriffs told the towing company not to return the car to me, and the towing company owner eventually sold it to his friend. I received notice of an auction, but was told by the owner that it was sold prior to the auction. I was booked into jail under a made-up social security number (made-up by the deputy from Chicago). Meals in the jail were distributed by name. (Just think about that for a second.) I was told by other inmates that some blocks had up to six men to a cell. Remember, this county had no court of record. Bail was posted. But the supervisor demanded that I sign off on the fraudulent social security number. I was only released (quickly, out the back door) after loudly threatening to call a well known criminal lawyer, over the (recorded) phone line. Obviously I did manage to make my trip. But the trial was set for after my return; and I have no doubt that this minor traffic charge would have been used to extradite me if I hadn't returned to the US. I believe this, in part, because the eventual trial was a complete psy-op. It was not difficult to show that the judge and prosecutor had no idea about basic procedure, and repeatedly refused to admit that it even was a criminal court.

The name of the prosecutor was "Cook", and the judge, "Henderson".

Last Updated on 11/29/16