"Computer Graphic Interface" or "Clinton Global Initiative"? Perhaps both.

This subject was formerly "The Evolutionary Benefit of Autism".

Autism is not a disability. It's a super power. It just hasn't had time to work out all the kinks yet. Autism is not a binary condition, but a spectrum. Some people handle it better than others. That's important to understanding exactly what Autism is, and why it is growing.

There are several popular videos on the internet showing a simple experiment involving (usually) a group of people standing in a circle throwing a basketball around. Eventually, a man in a gorilla suit walks through the middle of the scene. Amazingly, most people when watching this video the first time report never seeing the man in the gorilla suit AT ALL. They are focused on watching the basketball, at most, and perhaps the people. But they don't notice the gorilla.

How could that possibly be? Vision is arguably the single most important evolutionary trait in humans, period. We do have large brains, can stand upright, and possess opposable thumbs. But without being able to perceive the world around us, those are mostly moot. How can most people not even interpret what they see correctly? Humans have a terrible sense of smell, comparatively. Autistics, even worse. Vision is our primary method of experiencing the world.

Well, anyone who has worked in information technology can tell you that processing video information is EXTREMELY data-intensive. Thirty-year-old computers could manipulate multiple audio streams, in real-time. But, for decades, sophisticated chains of specialized processors had to be designed in order to efficiently capture video data. And that's exactly what the human head is. It is an evolutionary experiment in video capture, and it's not done evolving yet.

In most people, functional MRIs show that data from the optical nerves flows directly into the prefrontal cortex, directly behind the eyes. And it stops there. However, the same MRI of an autistic shows the entire brain lighting up, with visual data penetrating deep into the brain, all the way to the visual cortex near the back of the skull.

Just think, for a second, of the importance of this to everything else discussed on this page. We are descending into a medical tyranny, brainwashing its subjects, targeting anyone capable of recognizing it. Now add in the element of racial politics, which affect autism as much as anything. (Ben Carson is a black brain surgeon.) The movie Cube was about a group of diverse people who wake up inside a box, and have to solve puzzles in order to escape. The autistic is the only one who makes it out alive. This is what we face.

Being able to correctly perceive what is going on around you is EXTREMELY important. Because if you can't even do that, then manipulating you into doing things against your best interest becomes incredibly easy. And what is politics, after all, but manipulating you into doing things against your interests?

Those Obama smartphones are more important than people realize.

And the phones that explode on airplanes are even more interesting. Because, if I were going to create a mobile device as the tool of a criminal conspiracy, I would definitely make sure it had a non-removable battery and completely compromised radio firmware, so that it could self-destruct whenever removed from constant remote monitoring, and there would be plausible deniability that it could have been hacked. But maybe that's just me.

Last Updated on 11/26/16