The Cypher Punks

The movie 'Cypher' seems to have some connections to this. It appears to be about Bitcoin, and perhaps me. Produced by Gaylord Films, connected to a billionaire Oklahoma family, the producer of 'Donnie Darko' and billionaire Evangelical Philip Anschutz, it's about a super-spy who volunteers (of course) to have his memory wiped in order to go to corporate conferences and infiltrate a conspiracy of electronic brainwashing.

It was released in 2002. Same director as the movie 'Cube'. Lucy Liu is one of the few celebrities who publicly support Bitcoin.

The ending has the main character (in completing his quest to contact a super-spy who can help him) regaining his memory, realizing that the super-spy is himself and that he designed all of the spy's advanced technology and the entire plotline, basically.

So, this movie is just awash in themes of Platonic neoconservativism. It is about hiding true identities, hiding property, and placing it into the care of 'guardians'. It comports to the (recent) propaganda that the 'Illuminati' (ie. ranchers such as Cliven Bundy) play 'The Game' of volunteering for drugging and brainwashing because, gosh darnit, their lives are just so boring otherwise what with all of their land wealth etc.

As I said, someone seems to have gone to great lengths to make it look like I was Satoshi. The Bitcoin whitepaper was published in 2008, when I was living in a rented room acquired under fairly suspicious circumstances and with fairly suspicious roommates. Satoshi encouraged libertarian use of Bitcoin. And obviously he did such a good job in designing it that I couldn't have done better, myself. Satoshi disappeared around the time that I discovered Bitcoin. I wish I were Satoshi -- he did mine nearly a million Bitcoins, after all.

In late 2008, I worked for a MIT-connected start-up that provided technology for corporate conferences. Part of that technology I actually did design. Or, it was my idea, at least. Despite claiming to have a large amount of funding, the company went bankrupt after only a short time. I never witnessed any brainwashing. Only what seemed like a lot of wasted time and money and possibly financial fraud.

THEN AGAIN, certain aspects of the technology were somewhat fishy. There were, of course, plausible excuses for these quirks. But it is possible (and I stress, only possible) that it could have involved some very early research and development of an electronic brainwashing technology that I believe is now coming into regular usage.

I worked for another, similar company in 2010. This one was Swiss. And this one was obviously, from day one, complete bullshit. Less 'financial fraud' and more 'intelligence agency targeting'. When I left, I was replaced by a half-dozen Indian immigrants. Since then, the company seems now to have morphed into a front for Apple.

Last Updated on 12/02/16