Doctor Feel

Phil McGraw is Irish, a football player, an unlicensed television 'psychologist' and a one-time University of Tulsa student. There's also a PBS connection with "Doctor Feel". PBS showed remarkable prescience in airing a series of documentaries on the Taliban in the months prior to 9/11. And they put this guy in Sesame Street.

He's here because I was reminded that he badgered Amber Hilberling repeatedly, on his show earlier this year, in an attempt to get her to admit that she pushed her husband "out the window" deliberately, and not by accident in self-defense.

Yesterday she disappeared into a McPrison in rural Oklahoma. "Suicide" supposedly, but I wouldn't believe it unless I saw a body.

Part of the impetus for creating this site is helping people to understand the extent to which almost everything they see in the media is contrived nonsense. It's more than just the media, obviously, but mass-media propaganda is an obvious thread to begin pulling in order to start unraveling the system. These television 'experts' are an important cog in the machine of societal control. Their work is directed, purposeful, and high-value. And, at the same time, they must maintain the illusion of general public interest and detached professionalism. Not an easy task.

Last Updated on 10/25/16