Bippity Boppity Boo

"Santiago," ex-military, appears at the FBI, complaining of mind-control. Takes a one-way flight to the Holly-wood airport in Broward County (one of the largest Jewish populations in the country) in order to kill a bunch of people. This is basically equivalent to firing a bullet across state lines, ie. something that never happens outside of legal hypotheticals. The media response is that he should have been on the no-fly list. And Donald Trump wants to deny arms to people on the no-fly list.

So, there you go: complaining about mind-control == no right to defend yourself. That's the plan, at least. Just a very simple method of weeding out the few who are genetically resistant to dystopian methods of control.

Why is the FBI so closely connected to most of these events? I think someone is sending them a message.

Rent (or stream, or whatever) the movie "A Few Good Men". It's about border walls, and communists. Top-notch acting. Notice the ironic title.

But this topic is here because I feel a need to respond to Meryl Streep's Golden Globes speech, since she seemed to reference something on this site.

Honestly, I find it just a little odd being lectured-to by Hollywood liberals about diversity and inclusion. These are people who, just seventy-five years ago, couldn't manage to integrate a bunch of white Irish-American migrants, simply because they were poor. Not foreign immigrants. Not a different race. Not a different culture or nationality. Just poor people -- people who were poor mainly because they had endured a string of ecological disasters, first in the Irish potato famine, then in the American Dust Bowl. Instead of becoming Beverly Hillbillies, they mostly ended up in Oklahoma, where natives had no choice but to deal with them.

Fifteen years ago, when the internet emerged with some force in the popular culture, Hollywood did everything they could to try to step on it. The revenue model of big media (selling laundry detergent, we were led to believe) was collapsing against the proliferation of individualized, remotely-programmable video screens. A diversity of ideas and opinions threatened the top-down model of "production" and "direction" upon which Hollywood was based. LOST was clearly born out of this -- a "last hurrah", of sorts. They wanted us to believe that piracy was the cause of their troubles. But, by now, that red herring is long gone. The only true source of wealth in a central-bank dominated, fake economy, is hierarchical force. Broadcast television and movie theaters were, for a long time, one of the most efficient means of transmitting that force. No longer.

Stan Kroenke also seems to enjoy the illusion of being a laundry detergent salesman. Soap, shampoo, detergent, oil products ultimately, are all consistently cheaper and even higher-quality at Walmart than almost anywhere else. As an economics student, I always noticed this. I never understood the reason. With all of that oil on the Dees Ranch, though, I guess now we know why. Now, the reason, the ultimate "source" of both funding and plotlines, for the "soap" operas, is clear. Land, oil, DNA, privacy, reputation -- all just property, subject to theft. The theft of one leveraged to consummate the theft of another.

So, for Meryl Streep, you can keep California. You can keep the Mexicans. You can keep Natalie Portman (whatever her origins). You can keep Barack Obama and Stan Kroenke and the rest of the CIA clowns. You can keep Yale and Skull and Bones. You can keep the fake mass-shootings and the Holly-wood brainwashing operation.

I'm keeping my ranch. And my guns. And my books. And my internet. Bippity boppity boo.

Last Updated on 01/15/17