The Island

This is the second prototype of Bitcoin Island. I made it in 2005. Of course, it wasn't called "Bitcoin" then. The first prototype was a small mixture of concrete and vermiculite in a Tupperware container mold (made in 1999 if I recall correctly). It actually floated, but only barely. This piece has been sitting in this same place in my backyard, in a pile of rubble from an old milking barn, since my uncle Jon smashed it in 2006. It was made from a hexagonal form filled with empty 2-liter soda bottles and concrete. You can see from the pics that its flaw is that I failed to properly contain the soda bottles, and some of them floated out:




And this is the island I visited in September of 2014:


The Pitcairn sex crimes trials began in 2004, after an investigation that began in 1999. Given the central importance of Pitcairn island to this entire conspiracy, it is reasonable to believe that these trials were politically motivated. Indeed, their main purpose seems to have been to establish British jurisdiction over the island inhabited by the decendants of The Bounty mutineers.

Last Updated on 11/04/16