The War on Terra

This is a message to those of you who participated directly in the "War on Terror". I have to say, I don't feel particularly sorry for most of you. You did volunteer, after all. But I do understand the pressures -- the fear, ignorance and groupthink -- that led to it. I am sorry that it happened.

This topic will be difficult for some of you to read. I know you are sensitive types. Just try to buck it up, and do it anyways. Because you need to come to grips with this. You need to understand what, exactly, you were led into. And you need to understand why, exactly, others are being asked to continue to wage this war on the planet.

The War on Terror, and the war in Iraq, were religious wars. They are ultimately just wars of ideas. I have said this from day one, because it was obvious to me, from day one.

I know the motivations for war in Iraq were many and varied. I know the history of Saddam Hussein and the Bushes. I know the financial motivations. I understand the rivalries in the Middle East. I know the sanctions regime could not continue forever. I know the claims of chemical weapons and nukes and involvement in 9/11. And I know about the oil.

But none of those, ultimately, were the reason for the conflict. The reason was a simple religious disagreement, dating back nearly a thousand years, between Muslims and Jews. You were sent to the Middle East, like hundreds of thousands before you, to participate in this battle, on the side of the Jews.

And the disagreement is simple. It is simple to understand, both sides.

In Arab lands, resources are scarce. Unlike Europe and North America, which are literally covered in self-replicating carbon composites, Arabs have sand and oil and rocks and salt water and, if they are lucky, a few shrubs that produce dates and olives. We think of them as being rich, because of the oil, but that is a recent development (within the past 50-100 years). They do not have the mindset of a people who are materially wealthy. Because they aren't. They are poor. So they have the entrenched traditions necessary to maintain the social fabric in the face of this poverty.

One of those traditions is very simple: Don't steal. If you steal, there will be consequences. Dire consequences.

That's easy to understand, isn't it? In an environment where scarce resources make theft a matter of not just lost labor, but a matter of life-and-death, stealing cannot be tolerated.

And the consequences are simple to understand, once you accept the basic premises. If you steal from others, they get to steal from you. That's only fair, isn't it? And, like the original transgression, there will be no choice of what property to have stolen.

So, if you steal a piece of fruit, you might lose a hand. And if you steal an oilfield, you might lose a couple of limbs.

Get it?

I told you this was a medical tyranny.

The character of Sir Thomas More, in "A Man for all Seasons," said:

And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned 'round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man's laws, not God's! And if you cut them down, and you're just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I'd give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety's sake!

In a common law system, man's laws are just your laws. If your law is that stealing is wrong, then expect to be held to that law. Likewise, if your law is that stealing is acceptable, then expect to be held to that. Expect the Devil to do nothing but extend to you the same courtesy, or the same reprisement, in return.

But Jews, ultimately, don't believe that theft is wrong. Jews have evolved into top-level social predators. Stealing is not only not wrong, it is essential. It is arguable, at this point, that Jews could not exist, otherwise. They print money, and use it to steal resources. Except they don't really call it stealing. They call it "borrowing." And they will pay it back, eventually, but only denominated in their own currency, that they control.

And if you think I'm being too hard on Jews, don't. I've had Jewish friends. I have Jews in my family. I've worked with lawyers and I know several judges. Partly because of this, I recognize that there is a pervasive system of social control, of ideas ultimately, at work in the Western world. It is not based on liberty or human rights or the US Constitution or the common law. It is not based on protecting people or acting in everyones best interests or on what is fair. It is based on Judaism. At the most basic level, the legal and financial systems are inextricably linked. Money-printing, equity courts, the common law and perhaps even the US presidency, are all being callously wielded as tools to advance the narrow interests of a small, highly-intelligent and well-organized group of people.

It is mostly out in the open. They will argue even, at the end of the day, that it is all voluntary. But anyone who has been targeted by this system knows that it is not. It is gangsterism, carried-out by some of the planets original gangsters. The anecdote above about the ridiculous nature of the Iraq War is just one of the most egregious examples. And, like I said, I understand those of you who watched planes flying into buildings, on 9/11, and felt compelled to sign up to be a part of this system. I understand that you were targeted, by propaganda, and you reacted.

I have certainly been targeted, by all of it. I have been targeted by the legal system. I have seen, first-hand, how financially-motivated it is. I have been targeted by the system of so-called "employment" and commercial fraud, and see that it is a rube-goldberg machine of property theft. I have been targeted by tax-collectors, and have seen (as few have) just how criminal their methods are. I have been targeted by insurance agents -- the rarely-mentioned and rarely-seen foot-soldiers of the modern state.

And I should explain that, for a second. Insurance has evolved into one of the primary methods of control in the modern state. And it is basically just domestic terrorism. That's not hyperbole. There's no other way that it even can work. You can look at the open history of people like the Rothschilds, how they have moved from financial speculation to central-banking to insurance and, now, amazingly-enough, to weather-forecasting, over the decades. That should be an indicator of the relative profitability of those activities, and of their connectedness. In 2008, banks were bailed-out, but mostly because they relied on insurance companies that were insolvent. It was a bail-out of the insurance system. And Obamacare was yet another transfer of wealth and power to insurance companies. These people are even less accountable than Blackwater, at the end of the day. And millions of Americans happily send them hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a month in exchange for some nebulous promise of "protection" that inevitably ends up requiring taxpayer bail-out.

It is all part of the same system, ultimately. Just a bunch of shitty, collectivist ideas carried-out by even shittier people, and ultimately overseen by Jews who somehow manage to philosophically-exempt themselves from all of it. But their religion is at the base of all of it: collectivisim and slavery for thee, but not for me.

And if you think I'm taking the side of Islam, don't believe that, either. Because I'm certainly not. As I've said, the only belief I hold that could even be considered religious, is non-aggression. I don't even know that much about Islam, and don't particularly care about it, either. I do care when basic institutions of American government, like the common law, in whatever form (even Sharia courts), come under attack by so-called "liberty" proponents like Sean Hannity. Because I have never once heard him criticize the Jewish court system, or even recognize its existence. I care about double-standards; I don't care about religions.

But what I mostly care about is not being implicated in terroristic acts of aggression and theft. And it is clear that that is what has occurred, over the past fifteen years. You can say "we didn't steal the oil." And many, such as Donald Trump, have indeed perpetuated the myth that we didn't steal the oil. But the end result of the Iraq War is that (Arab) oil is now being bought with US dollars, printed out of thin-air, by Jews. And all of that money-printing that occurred during the war, and especially near its end, was no coincidence.

This week, Chuck Schumer said that the US is "between Iraq and a hard place," with respect to repealing ObamaCare. I want you to understand -- this is a medical tyranny. ObamaCare was conceived as a means of paying for the largest single cost of the Iraq war: long-term healthcare for disabled veterans. It was a transfer of that cost to the insurance industry, in exchange for the 'individual mandate' of forcing everyone to buy insurance. And it was planned, like 9/11 and the Iraq war, long in advance. The insurance industry got exactly what they wanted out of the deal, and American soldiers just got used, as pawns in this game.

So I see very clearly the motivations for the War on Terror. I see that it is not for the protection of the homeland. I see that it is not for Arabs living in caves. I see that it was not just to steal oil from Iraq, or lithium from Afghanistan. I see that my family has been attacked as well, and my property has been stolen.

And I see that yours has, also. I see that it was for us.

Last Updated on 01/15/17