Jade Helm, Charlie Sheen and Mexican Clones

Charlie Sheen made a terrible movie in the 90s called "The Arrival". It featured, among other things, a conspiracy of aliens to clone Americans, in secret, in Mexico.

What do you do about people who believe that stealing your DNA is not only morally acceptable, but actually the morally correct thing to do? What do you do when they decide that stealing your DNA also entitles them to steal your property?

The early American colonists at least had enough sense to put them in their own state(s). I guess they should have known that they wouldn't stay there.

So, at this point, I have enough reason to conclude that Jade Helm:

Also, the name 'Jade Helm' has a specific meaning, not related to China.

Recent information indicates that a certain brain-damaged McSenator may have actually signed-off on Operation Jade Helm. This makes perfect sense. Dallas and Arizona are both involved. The pieces are all coming together. Remember, it has nothing to do with China. This is about traitors and thieves within the US.

Last Updated on 07/19/17