If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

On March 22nd, I will release DeesCoin, the first offline cryptocurrency with a paper blockchain.

There will be fourteen million (pre-mined) DeesCoin, in total. Five million will be offered via auction over the next 16 weeks, beginning on the 29th, in batches of (31,250). Nine million will be reserved to pay workers at the Dees Ranch.

DeesCoin will be managed by a single offline functionary and a peer-to-peer network of client nodes. The blockchain will be stored on each node, and can be backed-up in paper form. Transactions will be processed manually.

Sixty percent of the yearly wheat harvest at the Dees Ranch, over twenty years, will be converted to Bitcoin or some other liquid currency and traded for DeesCoin at regular auction.

An announcement to begin recruiting workers will appear here soon. Offered wages will be (5,000) DeesCoin per month.

The previous, expired offer has been archived here.

Last Updated on 03/15/17