Sherlock Jones and his Assistant, Watson

Alex Jones and his Info-warriors have been hot on the trail of some nefarious group of globalist evil-doers for almost twenty years, now. My mother was right there along with him, listening almost from the beginning. With family connections to the CIA, Jones has done a preternatural job of analyzing, many times even predicting, the many psychological warfare operations carried out by the American deep-state. And, as a self-styled hero of the American libertarian proletariat, he has also done an admirable job of identifying and highlighting the fundamental political issues facing the nation.

It wasn't always that way. Jones started out riding an enormous wave of paranoia and anti-government sentiment that came to a head in the latter years of the Clinton administration. All it took, in those days, to attract a massive following of the disillusioned Vietnam veterans making up the Patriot Movement was to start making ludicrous claims about Russian troops hiding in underground bunkers littered across the nation and colluding with high-level US military, black helicopters operating in south Texas against American patriots, or Chinese columns arriving in Mexico to push forward the Communist ground-invasion and connsumate the North American Union. Whether hyperbole or simply fiction, when a shortwave radio is your audiences sole source of news, there wasn't much need for accountability. And when 9/11 happened and the Patriot Act was passed, Infowars was effectively handed a blank-check.

I probably shouldn't make light of that. 9/11, Operation Iraqi Liberation and the Patriot Act were pre-planned, government-made disasters. Jones displayed a lot of courage in exposing them. Since then, and since his audience has evolved, his reporting has gotten more accurate. At least I think so, as I didn't start listening until the mid-00's. And there has been a wave of next generation, drug-gang-warfare that began at the border, probably around the first Bush administration. The CIA is absolutely involved in that. Jones, being an Austinite, was able to be one of the first to document it. And NAFTA has been a catastrophe for border states, from the beginning. As Mexican immigration spread north, these phenomena have just, in the past decade or so, become glaringly-obvious problems in places like Tulsa. But the point is that Jones has a history of spreading, along with a lot of invaluable info, some half-truths and flat-out lies, whether intentional or not.

So it was natural, when Donald Trump started pointing out the issues America faces and offering to build a border wall and deport masses of "bad hombres," that Jones would jump on the Trump train almost immediately. What was not natural, however, was the way that Infowars turned (almost overnight) from documenting and exposing conspiracies such as the fraud of "Barack Hussein Obama" and the rash of contrived mass-shootings to doing literally nothing but actively supporting the fraud of "Donald Drumpf" and reversing some of Jones' previous stances (on Sandy Hook, for instance). And this is especially puzzling because he should know, better than almost anyone, that Trump and Obama are opposite sides of the exact same coin.

In the waning weeks of the election, with Trump's chances of winning in doubt, he gave a revealing speech in Florida replete with references to a conspiracy of international bankers to rob us of our sovereignty. I can't help but wonder which conspiracy that was. Was that a reference to Bitcoin? Was it a reference to the theft of property like the Dees ranch? Is the 'Clinton machine' involved in either of those, in addition to their obviously-idiotic views on government, in general?

Whatever conspiracy it was, Jones hasn't exposed it. During the campaign, Jones (a supposed FED critic and Bitcoin accepter) made some interesting, and threatening, remarks along the lines of "your property is going to be seized to pay-off the national debt!" A casual observer could assume he was talking to Hillary-supporters, or Democrats in general, and that this was simply a display of political showmanship -- a threat of tit-for-tat. But, when paired with Trumps pronouncements that "we're going to grab, grab, grab," and his proposal to privatize roads, one can begin to see an agenda at work, behind the scenes. What agenda that is, I can't say exactly. But it seems clear that it would be infinitely-more difficult to "grab" the property of penniless liberal political activists, than to grab enormous Texas ranches. And Trump is, we are told, nothing if not a pragmatist. In fact we are told by Jones' peers such as Rush Limbaugh that Trump and his team are veritable business geniuses "capable of finding money that no one else is able to find." I find that a bit convenient, to say the least.

So Infowars is obviously not just a group of courageous truth-tellers, but a politically-motivated operation. One thing Alex Jones never does, for instance, is criticize Israel, Mossad or Jews. Even Rush Limbaugh and George H.W. Bush are known to criticize Israel. But not Jones. The most I have ever seen, from years of watching, was a single un-censored appearance by David Duke, and a lot of "I don't know"'s from Jones. Well, he may not know, but I do. I know that Mossad has a heavy presence in the US. All of the other intelligence agencies say this. I know they probably planned and carried-out 9/11. I know they are probably behind actors such as "Benjamin Lawsky". I know that US police are being trained, in Israel, to block off public roads. And I know that, besides Jones, another brave truth-teller who never implicates Israel in anything, either, is Julian Assange.

Jones has many critics. I'm sure that none of them have seen him the same way I have, over the years -- as someone who is mostly genuine, yet heavily-infiltrated and cognizant of the political reality in which he must operate. And when I say "heavily-infiltrated," I mean it. Besides "Watson", at least one of Jones' staff worked on creating LOST. And then there's Mark "Dice", of course, who worked with Jones for a short time before a falling-out. Many, both conspiracy-theorists and conspiracy-deniers, view Infowars as a total fraud. And I admit, I may be totally wrong. I am open to that view, as well. I understand why others feel that way. But I think the line between "heavily-infiltrated" and "total fraud" is quite gray. Given all of the targeting that I've personally experienced, I try to give others the benefit of the doubt.

So, despite the fact that "Sherlock Jones" and his assistant Watson leave no stone un-turned, yet never find a Jewish conspiracy anywhere, they have still been useful sources of information over the years. If I were slightly more cynical, I wouldn't say that. But it's hard to be cynical all the time.

Last Updated on 01/10/17