Keeanu, You Were Supposed to be The One!

In September of 2014, I made a long voyage to an island in the middle of nowhere, and spent several days having a conversation with the nice common-law judge on this island. We discussed many, many things. Well, I say "we", but I did all of the talking. The discussion centered around the topics discussed on this site, and especially the potential reasons for them. One of the potential reasons that I discussed involved an incident from when I was seventeen. I attended Oklahoma Boys' State, a leadership-building exercise sponsored by the American Legion. It was pretty much what you would expect. As a (relatively, by Oklahoma standards) liberal suburbanite, I was vastly outnumbered by rural conservatives. We divided into small teams, and spent the week marching around and drafting mock laws. The keynote speech eventually arrived -- a rousing call-to-arms regarding a very (it seemed) important topic: flag burning.

The flag was a hot topic in the late 90s. Bill Clinton was busy defiling the White House, and clearly preparing the way for an imminent UN-led invasion of Russian and Chinese troops to take our guns, and patriotic Americans had to be on the lookout for any foreign infiltrators lurking about. So, the natural thing to do then was to propose a Constitutional Amendment requiring an appropriate amount of respect be paid to all jingoistic symbols of military adventurism at all times. And what better group to champion this effort than a literal American throwback to the Roman Imperial Army?

At the end, after laying out his argument for a Constitutional Amendment, the speaker simply posed the following challenge: "If you agree with us, then stand up!"

Everyone stood up.

I didn't agree. So I remained in my seat. I could see, out of the corner of my eye, my team leader (a Marine drill-sergeant) pointing and yelling at me at the top of his lungs that I "had better stand up!" I just looked forward. Later, I noticed him giving a tearful speech to the rest of the team, saying that his friends "had died for that flag." Sad.

I was dragged before a group of organizers, who accusatively asked whether I "wanted to be here, or not." I pointed out that the Constitution protects free expression, especially political speech. And I wondered (rhetorically) whether my flag-themed swim trunks might be considered wiping my ass with the flag, and could subject me to some repercussions if such an amendment were to pass. They were mostly quiet. The camp soon came to an end, without incident.

Of course the flag was not the only thing that US soldiers had died for, and these people knew it long before I would make the connection. One of the other major themes of the camp was "the need for a new Marshall Plan." I kept hearing this over and over again. But not knowing (nor caring) much of anything about the original Marshall Plan, I never once considered that we might need a new one. The entire thing reeked of propaganda. And I was firmly opposed to any kind of "martial" law, new or old. It would not be until much later that I would equate the Marshall Plan with what it really was: "vast unsupervised money-printing," and realize why the post-cold-war US military was so desperate for more.

The irony of this entire episode is that it was a US General ordering tanks to roll in and murder dozens of religious separatists in Texas several years earlier that soured me on the whole ritual of worshipping the flag in the first place. And that guy turned out to be a Belarusian Jew who would go on to nearly cause WWIII in the Balkans, and who Bill Clinton wisely fired (to much right-wing criticism, at the time). If the geriatric toadies at the American Legion had spent less time saluting flags and more time paying attention to the direction that the Pentagon was headed, perhaps things might be in a better state today.

So this section is about University of Tulsa cornerback Keanu Hill refusing to stand for the flag during the national anthem, at recent games.

Lots of obvious connections with this one. Southern California. Football. Keanu. The University of Tulsa. Racism/BLM etc.

The long and short of it is, since I now know exactly how the US government and its hoax of an economy operate, and how they have colluded to target my family over the past thirty years, I won't be saluting any flags any time soon.

This is something to consider when you see Trump supporters (over-) zealously saluting the flag. There's a reason for it.

And several weeks ago, the American Legion Post in Tulsa lost a thousand flags in a fire. Go figure.

Last Updated on 10/07/16