Donald the King

This is a section that many of you won't like. I almost didn't add it. But it just tends to make more sense, the more I think about it.

I've already identified my double, and the double of my grandfather. And I believe I may have identified the double of Jeff Garzik (or perhaps he is the double himself, who knows).

But the Egyptian religion contained more than just doubles. It featured souls and shadows and mirror images and other things, as well.

So I think Ben Carson is probably my shadow. What is the shadow? If you think about it, the shadow would have to be a lot like you, in form and essence. It is you, after all, from a certain perspective. Unrecognizeable, of course. And black.

To me, that means I am not a brain surgeon. But, perhaps I could have been. It should be obvious, by now, that I think the medical profession is a bit of a fraud. It means I am not religious, though perhaps (in another time or place) I might have been. And I'm not a "car son," either. Because I view car culture as an enormous fraud, as well. But I was a bit of a "car son," at one time. And Ben Carson is a lot more like me, in style and temperment, than I would perhaps like to admit. So I think this is therefore one of the defining characteristics of the shadow -- being more like us than we would admit.

Don King is a longtime friend of Donald Trump. He has terrible hair. He is someone who seems to enjoy creating rigged fights, for gambling or just for entertainment purposes.

So I'm beginning to think that Don King is probably the shadow of my grandfather.

And regardless of whether his shadow is anything like mine, or if its just more targeted propaganda, that has some implications that I hadn't fully considered, before now.

It also tends to bolster my main thesis, laid out on this site, that a systematic campaign of political targeting, including components of the ancient Egyptian religion, has been waged against my family for decades, by gangsters of all sorts (primarily New Yorkers). The reason for that campaign must simply be political and economic sovereignty. Sovereigns, kings, are the primary targets of imperialism. And sovereignty only comes from the likes of the Dees Ranch -- the same Dees Ranch filled with oil wells and capable of supporting many "car sons."

Last Updated on 03/16/17