America almost had a president named "McGovern." How ridiculous is that?

A McSenator this week conducted a hearing with the potential next US Defense Secretary, a Marine general. They spoke of how the US was losing the war with a bunch of impoverished, illiterate, opiate-addled tribesmen in Afghanistan. They then decided that floating islands were the biggest threat to the United States, and that "deterrence" was the solution.

McCain was concerned that there is a "world order" under threat. Apparently that order is one in which US soldiers continue to waste resources losing wars, living high on the hog, off the afterglow of a war ended seventy years ago. It's an order in which these perennial failures pretending to be defending the country feel entitled to threaten and attack real Americans, amazingly.

Notice, on a map of the Dees Ranch, all of those surrounding ranches with Irish names. Notice, also, that the Dees is the only one of them with a 13,000 acre wheat field. It is the only ranch capable of feeding twenty-thousand people. It is the only ranch capable of winning the trade-war with China, or of keeping Mexican immigrants in Mexico. It is the only ranch there, capable of creating a real economy. Because that's what it has been doing for the past twenty years.

And that is a large part of the reason that it was stolen.

I'm not sure what all of those Irish ranches have been creating. Just over-priced cattle, apparently.

And I'm not sure what John McCain, or his Marine friends, have been creating, either. Losing wars. Money-printing. Housing bubbles. The McSenator from Arizona sure seems to have created a bunch of people living in unaffordable houses in an unsustainable desert wasteland. He's created a lot of illegal immigrants. He's helped the Republican party to create a bunch of heroin addicts, over the past forty years.

But that's probably nothing new. The Irish have been content to be irrelevant cogs in one ridiculous social machine, or another, for many centuries. Ireland's sole current purpose in the global economy seems to be to act as a money-laundering and tax-avoidance conduit for US corporations. It's a conduit that Bill Gates has taken full advantage of. In exchange for selling out the US government and military to big bankers and big business, via these McPoliticians, Irish leaders (both in America and Ireland) get to enjoy a slightly higher standard of living, while creating nothing. Does Bitcoin threaten that order, perhaps?

Regardless, when I see a McSenator peddling more of the same "world order" that has been such a disastrous hoax for most of my life, I simply don't care.

Either my ranch will be returned to me, or, I guarantee, there will be a New World Order. And nothing will stand in the way of that.

Because, all the current order seems to be capable of creating, is deterrence.

Last Updated on 01/15/17