The Use of 9/11 in Trauma-Based Mind-Control

In the fall of 2001, I decided to take a basic logic course at the University of Tulsa, taught by a new professor fresh from the Netherlands. I was there partly for an easy credit, partly because this particular course was a requirement for the pre-law program, and partly just to see whether logic had changed at all since I was taught ternary logic, in kindergarden. The coursework was uneventful. The most interesting part of the course was the professor, who tended to veer off into discussing his own political nonsense rather than anything pertaining to actual logic. But he had an enthusiasm for teaching, and seemed to believe his own bullshit, so I quietly endured his tirades, which mostly came in the form of verbal assaults on young people, in general, for the first month or so of class.

It wasn't exactly easy. It was becoming obvious, towards the end, that he was deliberately spending half of every class just telling us what failures we all were, how our generation would never amount to anything, that we were lazy and worthless. It was puzzling to hear this every day, for weeks on end, from a logic professor.

Then 9/11 happened.

I now have evidence that a similar ritual was carried out at other schools, probably in philosophy departments infested with neoconservatives, across the country, at the same time, just prior to the events of September 11th.

Stephen Gardner should be in jail. And I say that, not because he's an idiot with whom I have deep philosophical differences. (I've been saying that for fifteen years.) I don't say it because I suspect he stalked me online for several years. I say it because, now, I recognize what he tried to do fifteen years ago. It took me a long time. The whole attempt was so bumbling and incompetent. Mostly, it just pissed me off. But, ultimately, it did put the final nail in the coffin of my college career. And that's a shame. Regardless, the fact that this idiot was made the head of the TU philosophy department should speak volumes.

Because it is clear (obvious, really) that this professor, and others like him, used pre-knowledge of the attacks of 9/11 in order to attempt to brainwash me (and others) into running and joining the US military once the attack occurred. And it seems to have worked in many instances. This is classic trauma-based mind-control. 9/11 was a mass-mind-control ritual.

Last Updated on 10/22/16