A Black Muslim Satanist Communist Constitutional Law Scholar Who Probably Does Drugs

If you combined all of my familys idiotic opinions of me, you could not come closer than the person of Barack Hussein Obama.

I am black because I listen to rap music. To my father, not being Christian makes me a Muslim, because he views the world in terms of influential interest groups. To my mother, not being Christian makes me a Satanist, since she views the world in terms of competing ideologies. Espousing utilitarianism makes me a Communist. The fact that I considered, for a while, going to law school -- makes me a legal expert. The drug thing is pretty much projection, because they've all done a lot more drugs than I've ever even thought of doing.

As for Obama, I have plenty of reason to believe that he's completely manufactured, if not by the CIA, then by Camp Pendleton. All of these things, combined in one person, led to a remarkable ability to capture the liberal zeitgeist. And even though he's responsible for plenty of things that could be considered 'Satanic', he should be considered more of an opportunistic collectivist than an adherent of Satanism, which is about extreme individualism. In Barack Obama's world,

It's not about LLIW EW SEY, it's about NAC EW SEY.

Meaning, it's not about spiritual Satanism, it's about opportunistic wealth redistribution. And that seems to be exactly what has happened.

Yesterday Obama started whining again about his, supposedly, misunderstood legacy. Clearly this site is causing him some consternation. You can see from the content here, though, that I am an equal-opportunity critic. And I wasn't actually planning to add much more to this topic. But now I think I have to, just to drive home the point of what his role, and the role of his handlers, has been in all of this.

In July, a claimed FBI whistleblower made a series of posts on the website 4Chan. Whether this person is genuine or not, I cannot say. He did say "I used to work in PsyOps." But every answer he gave lines up with this conspiracy, with my experience, and with what I have witnessed. One thing he said is that "The goal is to create a global government where all people intermingle and breed and become one people ruled by a racially pure Jewish race. They sincerely believe under their rule all human conflict will cease because there will be no more cause for division." And keep in mind, as you read on, that the FBI has a long history of connections to the Irish mob. So there are racial motivations at play, here.

The philosophy of collectivism extends far beyond just real property re-distribution. It is the idea that people themselves are property, subject to re-distribution. Collectivist 'equality' recognizes claims not just against the property of others, but against their labor, their time and every other aspect of their existence.

An Obama miscegenation center was built in my neighborhood several years ago. Perhaps that sounds offensive, but there's really no denying that that's what it is. The neighborhood is about half Irish, and half black. The community center is pretty much exactly what you would expect. It features a basketball court, an exercise room filled with elliptical machines, a coffee shop, many offices to house government bureaucrats, and surveillance cameras littering the grounds. Obama's mother was white. His father was black. Elliptical machines and coffee shops clearly cater to white women. And basketball courts cater to black men. Probably the bureaucrats are there to guide the entire process along, helpfully.

I can stand on my front porch and look down the street at a row of public houses, part of a complex that looks strangely similar to "the barracks," from LOST. Every other house is black, white, black, white, all the way down the line. It is clear to me, now, after several years of living here, that some very sick form of experiment is being performed on these people. Whether they are consenting to it, or not, I can't really tell. I imagine that people living in government housing don't usually have much choice in the matter. What I do know is that I can watch, as people move into these houses and begin to interact with their neighbors, a stark change in their mood and behaviour, over time. It is a change that seems to be not just the result of unnatural, but criminal causes. And many of them seem utterly helpless to defend themselves from it.

I shouldn't have to point out the connection, here. DNA is property. The governing sociopaths in America, business and political actors at the highest levels, really believe that property can just be stolen. Furthermore, they believe in using force, drugging and electronic brainwashing, to aid this process. And they really believe that doing so is for your benefit.

This website, my testimony, shows that it has been done to me and to my family. And I can see it being done to others.

People like Jim Brown, a Clinton supporter, have arrived at Trump Tower lately, seemingly to run interference on this entire conspiracy. I imagine the reason could be that it is coming completely un-glued, and he (like Obama) doesn't want black people in general to be held responsible. He says that American blacks are victims of rape by white slave-masters, hundreds of years ago. And perhaps that was the case, then. But it's not what is happening today. After eight years of Obama, what is happening today is the reverse. And lots of people are sick of it.

So this, what I see going on right in front of me, in my neighborhood, is the "fundamental transformation" of America that Barack Obama proposed -- the ultimate form of wealth redistribution, mining the white race, by force. The motto of the City of Tulsa is "A New Kind of Energy," and that's exactly what it is -- burning hundreds of thousands of years worth of exergy in a single generation.

It started with building community centers. Then it became "you have to build low-income housing in wealthy neighborhoods." And since the agenda has always been clear, it was predictable that it wouldn't stop there. Now it's "all of your neighbors in public housing have to be some other race." And if you have a problem with that, if you don't want to make friends with your neighbors, then how about a little drugging and subliminal messaging and trauma-based mind-control? Apparently that still isn't enough. Obama is still whining in public that people are too "segregated". We know, Barack. We know the end game. Believe me.

So that wraps up this particular topic, for now. I could go on. But I think, in the game of 12-dimensional political chess, that is what I would call 'checkmate'. I'm not especially looking forward to a Trump administration. But I am looking forward to getting rid of these Chicago gangsters.

Last Updated On 12/23/16