Dr. Washington Sanchez, the lead developer of the OpenBazaar project, has a tendency to use the word "tender" to describe the process of vendors offering goods or services, on its network.

Now, I don't know Dr. Sanchez, or whether he is a native English speaker. And I recognize that the latin equivalent ('tendere') is in common, generic usage in Romance languages. But he does have a doctorate from an Australian university. So, I presume, Dr. Sanchez is capable of looking up the word "tender" in a dictionary and seeing that its specific legal meaning, in English, is "to offer, as money or goods, in payment of a debt or other obligation".

And the problem with this is that trading on OpenBazaar, presumably, involves no debt whatsoever. So, I'm a bit puzzled as to where the concept of debt enters into the picture.

So, unless I find an innocent explanation in the next few weeks, I'll go ahead and assume the reason is what I think it is, and explain it here.

Last Updated on 11/26/16