The Pentagon's War on the Internet

As eary as 2006, the Pentagon was openly declaring its intention to wage "war on the internet". That seems to be around the time that the war began.

When I shot my brother in March of 2006, I was told that the bullet grazed his heart and lung, causing blood to enter his lungs and come out of his mouth. I was told that this is the reason he died.

The 'heartbleed' vulnerability was introduced into the OpenSSL library (the basis of almost all web security) in 2012.

If I was targeted with military propaganda in the weeks prior to 9/11 (and I was), with the purpose of attempting to recruit me into joining the US military, then it is likely that my younger brother was also targetd with similar recruitment attempts. It is likely that this would have occurred in the "boot camp" drug-rehab prison in which he was incarcerated in 2005. When he got out, he was encouraged by many, including my grandmother, to join the military.

Last Updated on 11/14/16