Charles of Sumeria

Chuck Schumer -- the "Senator of Wall Street". Is this guy just outright colluding with Mossad, or is some domestic agency responsible for "Benjamin Lawsky"? Lawsky worked in Schumer's office before becoming the top financial regulator in New York, and gracing Bitcoin with his diversionary tactics.

When I first noticed "Benjamin Lawsky," and pointed out to others in the Bitcoin community that he was, clearly, not a real person, many objected that he had been in the public eye for many years before Bitcoin existed. Well, perhaps after reading this website you can understand how "Benjamin Lawsky" could have been commissioned decades ago, yet still end up exactly where he is today -- parroting me and attempting to control Bitcoin on behalf of financial interests. The fact that he actually proposed a "Bitcoin license," though, is just too rich, really. The chutzpah is off the charts.

But who is responsible? Obviously Chuck, in blocking the building of a wall, is a proponent of open borders. So being the tool of a foreign government would make sense. Either way, though, foreign or domestic, it's treason.

Chuck is also a friend of The Donald, and (according to Rush Limbaugh) a concerned citizen when it comes to the future viability of the Republican party, his supposed opposition. That's not what you'd expect from a partisan politician. It's what you expect from someone playing both sides.

Schumer thinks that his last name means "protector of Israel," but it probably really means "the first people to fall victim of the Jews". Sumeria was one of the oldest civilizations known. Like most early hierarchical societies, it was a neighbor of Israel. They probably "protected" Israel by being unwitting counterparties to some of the first credit-default-swap derivatives, in much the same way that Americans "protect" Jewish bankers today.

Becoming Senator from "The Empire State" would then be a classic case of nominative determinism for Mr. Schumer. Or not.

Egypt was another early peoples predated by Israel. The face on the Sphinx is not that of a North African. It's probably an Israelite. Like statues in the Olmec culture, which had faces with obvious African characteristics in Central America thousands of years before Columbus, the Sphinx is an anachronism. Egypt was definitely not ruled by native Africans. We have well-preserved mummies of the pharoahs; and they look East-Asian or, at best, Caucasian. And we know Israelites worked on building the pyramids. When those Israelites didn't get paid sufficiently, they broke shit and left. That doesn't sound like an oppressed minority. It sounds like a predatory group of foreign economic mercenaries.

And the reason Chuck Schumer doesn't want Trump to build a wall is that they have already spent all of this time and effort building the infrastructure to herd people into cities and systematically monitor and control them there. It is already being put in place. This is an integral part of the open-borders agenda. But that will be detailed in another section.

Last Updated on 12/27/16