Benjamin's Box

In LOST, Benjamin's Box was a literal box, a jail of sorts, in which Sawyer's father was placed. Sawyer's father was something of a neglectful parent. Actually, if I remember correctly, "absentee" is probably more accurate. This caused Sawyer a great deal of problems, growing up. And that translated into difficulties in adulthood.

In reality, Benjamin's Box is a metaphor that I used many years ago, in order to describe the concept of Original Sin, and the process by which real, physical debt can be passed on to future generations, placing them in a metaphorical "box" from which they cannot escape. The metaphor I used was literally just placing children in a box, in which they are forced to live and grow up. This is clearly an act of aggression. But I see no difference between it and, for instance, peak oil or any other physical process that predictably results in a sharp and unavoidable decline of human living standards for future generations. Anything done to deliberately place others in a box is simply an act of aggression against them, literal or metaphorical.

Obviously I can't claim credit for this idea. But I seem to be one of the few people actually espousing it.

Further, the idea of placing people in a box is a general concept. It can be done to anyone, parents as well as children. And, in LOST, that is what was done. Sawyer's father placed him in a metaphorical box, one which prevented him from developing into a well-adjusted adult. So Sawyer's father was placed in a literal box, in return. And the result, in the show, was confusion and mental illness -- analogous to the psychological issues that his son developed as a result of a defective upbringing.

I guess I should point out that 'Sawyer' represents the philosophy of Tom Sawyer, ie. free-spirited wandering. And James is, indeed, a follower of Sawyer.

But we are all in boxes of one sort, or another, regardless of our wanderings. And part of our growth, as humans, is to recognize these boxes and to break free from them. The very first act of every human, in fact, is to break free from a type of box in which we were placed. But most of the boxes are psychological. Not all are deliberately placed around us, but some are.

The boxes I am concerned with, though, are the big boxes, placed around us intentionally, by the reckless actions of society, by malicious individuals, or by the self-interested machinations of groups. I can't worry about all of the little boxes. Those are for individuals to recognize, and remove. Peak oil, for instance, is not much of a problem today. And most people probably think that it will never be a problem. But they are wrong. Peak oil is a big box, looming on the horizon. Most people are surrounded by so many little boxes, that they can't even see it. So they ignore it.

But peak oil is related to a couple of other boxes in which most of us live. One is the Earth itself. The planet is a big box. And it is one that is nearly impossible to escape. In fact, even in the future, it is likely that most humans will never escape the box of the Earth. There are a few reasons for that, but energy is the biggest. If population continues to grow at even a tiny rate, energy production will never increase fast enough to produce enough chemical fuels to rocket everyone off of the planet. And chemical rockets are the only safe method we have of doing so. Even if the energy/population issue is overcome, there are other boxes preventing a space exodus. One of the simplest, and most insidious, is space debris. All of the junk orbiting the planet acts as a literal shield, a hazard that future generations must navigate in order to escape the box of the Earth. And every time a satellite or spaceship fails in this, it just creates more debris.

But, again, that is a very big box, and one that most people will never worry about. There are others. Your country is a box. Well, most countries are boxes. Many people would actually like their country to be a box. We would like our countries to provide some form of protection, from outsiders. Just as most people don't actually want to leave the planet. We like the fact that the atmosphere shields us from cosmic radiation, even if it makes our escape impossible. And many of us treat our countries as a type of box that we can enter and exit, at will, but others cannot. But others worry that, with the building of border walls, countries could become abusive (rather than protective) boxes. This type of box could be built to benefit those outside it, rather than protect those inside.

The other box related to peak oil, is civilization itself. Cities are boxes in many ways. And only about half of humanity is inside them. We are told that the rest would like to enter these boxes, if they could. And trends, outside of the first world, at least, do seem to bear that out. But I'm not sure I believe it. I see evidence that people are being placed in city-boxes by force. And I see clear evidence that, once inside, people are systematically abused, with no obvious means of escape. It is subtle, to be sure. It is a result of systematic drugging and mind-control, related to all of the topics discussed on this site.

That has been my experience, for much of the past twenty years. And it is the experience of tens of millions of other white, middle-class Americans who, beginning over 50 years ago, began to flee the box of American civilization for a better existence in the suburbs. This was known as "white flight" because, for some conspicuously-unmentioned reason, blacks did not follow along.

And why didn't they follow along? We are told by groups such as "Black Lives Matter" that so-called "black bodies" have great value. Obviously, black slaves in America were capable of growing and harvesting crops and supporting themselves off of the land just a half-dozen generations ago, just as white settlers did. Yet it was almost exclusively whites who made up the "back-to-the-land" movement. And it was almost all whites who built the suburbs. Blacks, instead, moved to inner cities like New York and Los Angeles and turned them into ghettos with twice the violent-crime rate of rural areas, prompting people like "Donald Drumpf" to emerge, backed by money-printing, bankruptcy laws and God-knows-what-else, to clean them up.

Around the year 2000, a lawyer where I worked expressed to me his concerns regarding my "plan", as he saw it, to "force" people out of cities and into the countryside. He likened it to the dictatorship of Pol Pot. I remember this conversation fairly well, because of how inane and out-of-the-blue it was. I had never, as far as I knew, expressed any desire to do any such thing. I had no ability to force anyone to move anywhere. My interest in agorism, at the time, was almost solely based on my own continued, sustainable existence. In fact, if I had thought about it a bit and given him a full, honest response, I probably would have come to the conclusion that it would rather be in my best interest for the majority of people to remain in unsustainable cities, while I fled to the countryside.

Regardless, there was never any force involved on my part, intended or otherwise. The ultimate 'force' behind civilizational collapse comes, as always, from the poor and selfish decisions of the past, transmitted down through the ages by simple physics. No one "forced" Rome to be abandoned, nor could they have. Like the Valenzetti Equation from LOST, nothing any individual does is likely to change the outcome, one way or another. At the time, I was studying and learning about the physical economy, about its sustainability (especially with regards to energy issues), and doing what I am doing here, pointing out to others the systematic flaws in the system upon which we all rely for our existence and well-being. In actuality, I was preventing civilizational collapse, by attempting to educate the dimwits around me.

But, apparently he thought I had more, shall we say, "economically-disruptive" intentions, and the means to carry them out. There seems to be only one place where he could have gotten that idea. And it appears to be a 20,000-acre ranch, with my name on it, that I wouldn't learn about until over a decade later. So I think the source of the "force," in this instance, is clear. It doesn't come from me. It comes from these little government agents, who have been deliberately placed around me, and who have provided hints, over the years, of just what kind of targeting my family and I have been subjected to, and why.

I should point out that the Department of Homeland Security, which was created in 2001 and which oversees all of the deep-state security agencies of the United States, has as one of its specific missions to "prevent movements". That is, there is systematic, official effort by the US intelligence apparatus to prevent the movement of people -- out of the boxes in which they have been placed. And, just this week, "Donald Trump" announced his plan to privatize Americas roads. I can give ironclad guarantee, to anyone taking the time to read this site, that the only road Mr. Trump is truly interested in privatizing is the road from my house outside of Tulsa, to my ranch in north Texas. Why that is --- why these people feel the need to target me and my family specifically, to place us in these boxes, and why they have spent many decades doing so, still perplexes me.

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