I'm now prepared to accept that two pieces of information, deliberately kept from me, explain 90% of what is on this site, and much more. Even though I find it absolutely unbelievable that anyone would attempt what has been done, and expect to get away with it, there is simply no better explanation. And even though it probably would have been better for all involved to have worked towards some amicable resolution, it has never been offered. So obviously I have had no choice but to take this course of action.

Bill Mussman and Rex Tillerson. You are each in positions to know exactly what has gone on, here. You know that it isn't exactly a national secret, at this point. And you both have minions monitoring this site, so you will get this message.

I require a statement, in writing and signed, delivered to me, from each of you. It doesn't need to be long. It doesn't need to be public. But both of you know exactly what needs to be in it.

Please understand that the information I already have verifies what I expect you to tell me, in dozens of different ways. Most of it is already right here, even.

I'm not going to demand any kind of deadline. But I expect it in weeks rather than months. And if it doesn't show up, there will be consequences.


The silence is deafening. I know the information I've conveyed on this site doesn't make a lot of sense. And there is even more, waiting to be added, that makes even less sense. But some new information has come to light that, I think, begins to make sense of all of it. And part of the reason I have stopped updating this site is that I am still considering that information, in relation to everything else I know.

When I started this site, nine months ago, I didn't know what would come of it. I knew that a lot of my experience had been shaped by deliberate psychological warfare. And I decided that, even though I knew it to be flawed and incomplete, I needed to start sharing that information, and those experiences, in order to discover what might be right. So that's what I did.

It turns out that some of the information I have shared here is probably not accurate. It is probably another deliberately-placed dead-end, on this trip down the rabbit hole.

Now I believe I have a key piece of the puzzle, one that provides probable explanation for some other large pieces that didn't fit in, before. It explains the motivations for large organizations to target me and my family, in a way that a 20,000-acre ranch cannot. It explains the deliberate failure of all levels of US government, and the involvement of various foreign governments, that I could not explain before. And it seems to explain some other things, as well, things that I didn't believe were related. But now I have those to consider. It's a big picture. It's going to take a little while.


Why was Oklahoma one of the last hold-outs in implementing the 'Real ID' Act? Why does Microsoft have a head of "Decentralized Identity," and what is he doing in Bitcoin? Oh, I do get it. There are anonymous people on the internet, and sometimes they do bad things. But there is much more going on. Money-printing doesn't work unless it can be paired with reputational warfare and property theft. The programme is clear.

Due to distractions, obstructions and a technical issue that is still being fleshed out, DeesCoin has been delayed. You can learn more here.


A bunch of hot miners looking for a nonce.

I think I've established that there is an enormous conspiracy here. I hope that I've established its links to me, to my family, and to the theft of my ranch. But it's clear that I haven't established enough of an incentive for others to help. So I'm making one last attempt to attract collaborators. Thank-you all.


No updates for now, other than to mention that the time to JOIN ME is running out.


According to edreaminerpretation.org, "To dream of riding or driving a wagon is a warning against making hasty purchases." Can't make this shit up, even if I tried.


Well, it looks as though the Tulsa Circus may be moving out, for good. Three of the primary performers have packed up and moved in the past two weeks. On to terrorize some other neighborhood!

Based on responses, I have updated the minimum team and area size in the section for those who wish to JOIN ME.


I couldn't help but notice that Mister Herbert Walker Bush would like the right to breathe using "implements." I hate to kick a man when he's down, but if we're going to be shitty about interpreting rights in this country from now on, and implement a medical tyranny to do it, then I guess that applies to all rights, doesn't it?


Consoling college students with Play-Doh. Think about it.


Well, at this point, most of what's left to say can be inferred by smart people. I'll continue to update, but it's time to start taking action. So I've posted a section for those who would like to JOIN ME. As for Mr. Kroenke, whatever his role in all of this, I suggest he consider just writing it off.


If ExxonMobil and Trumps proposed Secretary of State are concerned about oil price volatility, then there is a simple solution. I have been accused repeatedly (usually by government agents) of being an "anarchist". I have never been an anarchist. I have always, along with the founders of the United States, been a minarchist. Unfortunately, the United States seems to have devolved from a minarchist government into a loose confederation of militarized gangsters bent on preventing legitimate government from emerging.

The solution is obvious. The United States or, at least, the pretended states themselves, should return to performing the bare-minimum functions of government such as keeping track of who is alive and dead and who owns what actual land. Because, if any branch of government had simply informed me of the existence of the Dees Ranch the day I turned 18, I have every reason to believe that the oil price bubble (and probably a few others) never would have occurred.


"Tiller-Son" -- no comment required.


I'll just point out all of the rats fleeing the Oklahoma ship of state for the District of Criminals. Robert Lawless was one of the first. Cold weather may limit my updates for the next week, as it has the past week.


Ben Carson for Education Secretary. Thanks, Donald.


This may be timely information, so I'm putting it here. It appears that Mike Pence has some connections that make it likely he has been a part of this for quite some time, as well as potential connections to the targeting of Julian Assange. Specifically, I have reason to believe that the sex crimes allegations against Assange could be connected to Indiana University. In addition, the radio station (WIBC) where Pence broadcast his talk show is one of the few national stations to host Dana Loesch.


I feel that I should point out that I don't have a Twitter account with my name on it. I don't know who that 'BenDeeBenDee' person is or what he is saying (since the tweets are private). Most accounts on the internet under the name 'benjamindees' are me.


LOL the Crutcher case has turned into (what else?) an estate dispute. Hilarious.


Mexican rapist drugging girls on the TU campus. Sounds suspicious. Obama's speech from the 13th is just golden.


Well, now shit is getting real. I was bird-dogged twice this weeek. And I'm using that term in the sense of "inciting violence". When neither of those incidents produced satisfactory results, I was verbally accosted by a woman who lives nearby, who was rather perturbed. You can see for yourself what is going on with the internet (DNS attacks) and with Julian Assange being censored by John Kerry.


Obama is concerned about free speech on the internet. He actually used the word "truthiness." I went ahead and asked the undercover cops across the street which agency they work for. They put a crutch on their front porch, packed up and moved a week later. Protip: If you're going to be an undercover cop, don't ever step out of a police car in front of your house. Jim Inhofe has been hastily recruited to Trump's national security team.

10/07/16 :

Ted "I call on you" Cruz is now not only supporting Donald Trump, but manning his phone bank. Newt Gingrich said that Trump had "a LOST week". Understatement of the year.

10/01/16 :

Well, this site has been up for less than three weeks, now. You can see how little actual content it contains. And, according to the logs, very few people have actually viewed it.

BUT it seems that the message is being heard, loud and clear, in certain quarters. In fact, one reaction in particular makes it very clear that someone knows exactly what they have done, and are taking steps to pre-empt what I might be posting here in the future.

As an aside, one probably often wonders what kind of repercussions come from posting information like this. I've wondered it myself, over the years, as I read interesting conspiracy-type things on the internet. And, honestly, I wouldn't have made this site if I ALREADY weren't being targeted with a massive amount of nonsense. The good news is I'm not in jail, or dead. But, let me tell you, I have had more crack whores thrown at me in the past three weeks than I can count. I witnessed what appeared to be a sheriff deputy beating the crap out of a neighbor about a week ago. Several things seemed not-quite-right about it, though (trauma-based mind-control, etc). Today I watched an angry-looking man walking down my street for five blocks or so wielding a running chainsaw. If it gets much worse, I might have to take up one of those crack whores.

Last Updated on 06/30/17