What is this?

This is a site that I am using to relay some information regarding a subject I have spent a long time researching, and, once that information is conveyed, to correct one of the many grave injustices that it reveals.

Who are you?

The inspiration for several characters, including Benjamin Linus, Ben Car-Son, "Benjamin Lawsky" and perhaps even Julian Assange.

Someone who, at one time, thought about becoming a lawyer, but found the philosophy of Linus -- UNIX and Open Source -- far more promising.

The last twenty-five years of my life have been marked by a recurring phenomenon -- that of strange and interesting people coming into my life, relaying nuggets of information to me, and then leaving. Sometimes this occurs in the form of a helpful stranger. At other times it appears as a threat. And many times, it is simply some incomprehensible action of another that affects me directly, usually negatively. I will, throughout this site, refer to this phenomenon as "targeting". I really have no better word for it. As I said, sometimes it is helpful; often malicious. Yet it almost never involves direct physical harm, certainly not the type of physical harm that could be easily relayed to others.

It has happened often enough that, for the past fifteen years, I have been plainly aware of this and have made mental notes regarding those involved. Over time, I began to recognize a series of patterns emerge. Not one pattern, unfortunately. One pattern would have pointed me, early on, to a single external source. Instead, this conspiracy seems to involve several groups -- groups which, ordinarily, would not coordinate their actions or work well together. Therefore the reason, it seems, must have something to do with *me*, or at least something so intimately connected to me as to be inalienable. Yet many years of following this avenue of research yielded no satisfactory results, either. I have, many times, gone over the possible personal reasons for this targeting -- libertarianism, atheism, free-software, free-speech and privacy (even second amendment) advocacy. None was sufficient. Even family associations yielded no concrete clues -- my family is quite a diverse group.

So I have spent much of the past fifteen years plodding along, following the path of my life with little clear plan for what to do about this problem. I went first to the University of Tulsa (against better advice, unfortunately), then into a menial job at a law firm in order to see what it was like (disappointing), then into basic IT support and open-source software consulting, moving to larger cities periodically to pursue promising opportunities at small technology start-ups, then into Bitcoin advocacy and, finally, when most of that turned out to have been a long string of targeted hoaxes, spending most of the past several years doing nothing at all besides learning to garden. Along the way I have learned a lot about how the world works. It's not a pretty picture. And I think now is the time to relay some of it -- to try to make some sense of what has been done, to me and to my family, and why.

Please keep in mind that this entire subject is very complicated, many times deliberately so. It includes the work of several criminal organizations and (apparently) military psy-op teams. It has taken me *years* to understand the full breadth of this conspiracy -- and I have a relatively high IQ. Even then, I fully recognize that not everything I relay here will be completely accurate. I am not viewing this from the perspective of an outside observer or professional investigator or intelligence operative -- I have lived it. As such, it has been difficult, at times, to recognize seemingly obvious, yet pervasive patterns. Fish do not recognize the water in which they swim and it seems, having likely been born into this situation, neither do I.

Also, please forgive me for NOT telling this story in chronological order. I could, but it would make *no* sense whatsoever. Chronologically was the way in which I learned this. It is easier to study in terms of specific actions of disparate, yet similarly-motivated, groups.

This will be a work in progress. If updates to this site ever cease for more than a week or so, it will mean I will have been censored. Eventually, all of the following topics will be discussed (in no particular order):

UPDATES (06/30/17)

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The War on Terra

A Copy Without an Original

At a Time and Place of My Choosing

Donald the King

As for the question of why I would wait so long before telling this story, and further why I would begin now. Firstly, as I said this is a very complicated subject. Talking it over with others, I receive variously accusations of slander and astonished proclamations of the obviousness of my evidence. I feel a healthy mixture of both responses should tell me that I have reached the appropriate time to begin talking openly. Secondly, I suppose I have reached the end of what I would call "civil" responses to what has been done. The legal system is worthless. The judiciary -- toothless and corrupt. The economy -- simply false. Politics -- a manipulated hoax. I would like to believe that Bitcoin offers some hope of sanity returning to Western Civilization yet, even then, all experience tells me it probably won't.

By his early 40s, Julius Caesar was regularly telling those around him, even openly in the Roman Senate, that he was tired of living, that he had lived long enough. I'm 36. Caesar had been targed since his teens (late teens, but still) by an overbearing Roman Consul. And he had been actively resisting -- fighting for his life really -- for at least as long. In a declining Republic filled with elaborate funeral precessions for the wealthy, bread and circuses for the middle classes, and more slaves than one could count, Caesar rose to become the dictator precisely because he was one of the few to maintain a realistic world-view in the face of Rome having hit the metaphorical civilizational jackpot. The loneliness of that condition, combined with the self-loathing from being forced to become that which he likely despised, could not go on forever.

When Stan Kroenke recently started hiring my neighbors, that was, for me, the last straw. I'm not going to be surrounded by people who use my own property against me. So this site will serve as notice that I see clearly the theft that has occurred, the attacks that have surrounded it, and will not stand idly by.

I suppose I should also mention that I feel that I'm a reasonable person. If, at any time during the past twenty years, I had been offered even a slim facsimile of what I am entitled to, then you would likely never have heard of me. Instead, I have spent the past twenty-five years dealing with incoherent targeting, fake jobs, threats, espionage, unsubstantiated allegations, physical attacks and the most ridiculous and subtle manipulation imaginable. It has only gotten worse, over time, destroying one after another my education, my career, my home and my personal safety. It was not until two years ago that I finally learned the ultimate reason behind all of it. And now, I think, the evidence is clear. It's time to do something about it.

And I want you to JOIN ME.

Last Updated on 06/30/17